четверг, 17 декабря 2009 г.

Welcome message!

Hello, my name's Anton. I guess, you've noticed the strange blog's name.
I'll explain.
This blog is a tribute to the greatest TV Show ever... LOST, of course.
We all know that the end of the 5th month of 2010 will be the date of the Final Season Finale.
We don't want the show to end, but we are waiting for the ending. Paradox...

So, here's an idea. I hope (hope? no way, I just know it) that the end of LOST will be shocking: with jaws dropping, brains boiling, eyes exploding and so on. Let's memorize these emotions!!! Let's make this blog a monument to LOST. How?
Simple. If you have a web cam or video cam record yourself watching the last episode of LOST.
(Don't think about camera while watching, just wathc ep).
After that, watch your video and screenshot your face, your emotions during the last seconds of LOST. And send picture here.